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As we go through the transition from full time career to some form of part or full time retirement (we call it a lifechange), we are going to experience a lot of changes. How you handle these changes will have a significant bearing on how happy you’ll be in your new lifestyle.

It may well be necessary to have a good look at your key relationships and discuss if they need some changes to better reflect this new lifestyle. For example, it’s probably the first time that you and your partner have been together 24/7 for an extended period. Domestic arrangements may need to be re negotiated and new ground rules agreed upon.

If you have been carrying unresolved family baggage for years, now could be a good time to try to resolve outstanding issues with family members. Life is too short to be carrying old resentments around. There may be grandparenting issues that require discussion. You may, or may not, want to spend a lot of your available time being unpaid baby sitters. It’s better to discuss these new arrangements early in your lifechange, so that everyone understands the role you wish to play.

We all have different issues to deal with. The point we are trying to make is that for most of us, the next stage of your life will involve other people and now is a good time to talk to those people about what you and they would like to achieve over the next few years.

Retirement can be tough on relationships and for this reason, we have produced a book on How your relationship can survive retirement. It addresses the major issues that most couples are likely to face, and offers some expert advice on handling them.

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