Here’s what you’re not told about retirement


Retirement planning is about more than just having enough money and investing it safely. While that’s important, it’s only the means to an end. Lifestyle issues are just as important. 

We have been helping people make the most of their retirement years since 2007 and our books have been used by innovative superannuation funds and financial planners as well as thousands of individuals. If you’re looking for a happy, secure and satisfying retirement, have a look at what our books offer.


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This is a book for singles approaching retirement or who have retired in the last couple of years.

As you know, life is different in your 50s and 60s if you’re single. Planning for life after full time work involves considering some issues that are different to those faced by couples. To date there’s been very little information designed specifically for singles at this stage of their lives.

This book contains a great deal of useful advice which you won’t get anywhere else. Over 20 separate experts have contributed chapters to the book.

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