Discover What They Don’t Tell You About Retirement

Whether you have thought about it much or not your life changes drastically when you leave full time work. Some of the changes will be good but we are also likely to encounter many challenges we weren’t expecting and which aren’t covered in a financial plan.

It’s hard to believe the “best time of your life” could be plagued by boredom, frustration and relationship strains when all we hear are romantic notions of decades of bliss.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though. The key thing about change is being prepared for it as best you can. We realized that almost no one was highlighting the pitfalls of this exciting time of life, everyone was focusing on the easily marketable opportunity of holidays, golf and good times.

This is the perfect book for anyone who wants to get a heads up on potential future issues in the second half of their life.

This e-book is not only great reading but the video links and resources that come with it make it invaluable.

Philip Armstrong CEO Australian Counsellors Association

Not surprisingly, after running a house for 30 years, Mary wasn’t too excited being told how she could improve her performance.

Here's a very typical story

John retired at the age of 63 and talked his wife into giving up her part time job so they could spend more time together. John had seen a financial planner and thought that he had organised their retirement. Unfortunately he and his wife, Marie had not spent much time talking about the life they were going to leave in retirement. For the first 6 months, everything was great. He played golf 2 – 3 times a week and they spent a month on a cruise ship.

John did not have many interests outside of work and golf and had not thought too much about what he was going to do with all his spare time. He thought that life in retirement would be easy, with no stresses and strains. He soon found that on the days he wasn’t playing golf, he didn’t have much else to do and life was getting boring. Day time television and a few glasses of wine during the afternoon didn’t help.

His wife Marie, had a busy social life and was one of a group of women who played bridge every week and saw each other on a regular basis. She was used to being out of the house and involved in various community activities.

John didn’t like being left at home and didn’t like having to prepare his own meals. He wanted Marie to spend more time at home with him. Marie wasn’t too keen on giving up her social life and independence...

I thought the book was the best of the bunch that I have seen over the past few years.

Raymond V Lewis OAM CEO Greypath Pty Ltd

The Rest of Your Life is as close to a life-manual for people in their 40s, 50s and 60s as you could get. It has been compiled with experts from a multitude of disciplines, all of which crucially influence this period of your life, all with the intention to making them your very best years yet.

Holly Richardson Editor The Retiree Magazine 2007 - 2009

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