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20 March, 2013


I recently read about some research which found that 60 – 70 year olds were the luckiest and happiest generation alive. Either too young for, or born after World War 2, this generation has lived through 6 decades of “relative peace”, prosperity and major technical innovation.

Despite growing up in the “swinging 60s’ and living through major lifestyle changes, a research...

12 February, 2013

After causing the superannuation industry two weeks of panic with a government leak about a possible new tax on superannuation withdrawals, it appears the Prime Minister has recently backed off – to an extent.

Clearly this cash strapped government views the billions of dollars in superannuation funds as an irresistible temptation. The challenge is how to get at it without...

30 January, 2013

Ita Butrose, the 2013 Australian of The Year, has made it clear that she will use her position to encourage a more positive approach to ageing. “As Australian of the Year, I would like to promote a more positive approach to ageing to tackle what I perceive to be ageist attitudes in our society” she said.

She is certainly taking on a big challenge as we are constantly seeing...

17 January, 2013

We have been asked to assist the University of South Australia, which is doing some research on retirement, with particular emphasis on the effects of the GFC (Global Financial Crisis).

The university would like to know how the GFC has affected you, whether you’re planning to retire soon or if you have already retired.

The Uni already knows that  a number of workers...

12 December, 2012

Author: Sandra Kimball 
Review: Philip Armstrong 

It is common knowledge that Australian society is aging as the baby boomer generation, the most populous of the current generations, are now into their fifties and beyond. This generation are also the fortunate recipients of the advantages of modern medical science and its ability to prolong our life ...