My Life Change retirement news

6 September, 2014

Patrick J Skerrett, Executive Editor, Harvard Health

For many people, retirement is a key reward for decades of daily work - a time to relax, explore and have fun unburdened by the daily grind.  For others, though, retirement is a frustrating period marked by declining health and increasing limitations.

For years, researchers...

13 July, 2014

Unfortunately for financial planners, whenever the media gets hold of a story like the dodgy Commonwealth Bank financial planners or the Storm Financial Services disaster, the entire financial planning industry suffers.  As well there’s a serious flow on effect – people become suspicious of all financial planners and avoid getting professional financial advice, which can cost them dearly...

15 June, 2014

3 major superannuation funds are now using our books and supporting materials to provide a better retirement planning service to their members.

These innovative super funds have realised the benefits of offering their members information and advice on handling the important lifestyle issues they are likely to experience as they go through the transition from full time work to some form...

4 June, 2014

Our new book titled “How to stay Healthy, Active and Sharp in Retirement” is attracting lots of favourable publicity. The most recent interview that The Publisher, Paul McKeon did was with the regional ABC radio station covering the NSW Mid North Coast.

This interview ran for 20 minutes largely because the ABC presenter found the topic so interesting. Paul stressed that retirement was...

25 May, 2014

This information was released by Volunteering Australia.

1.  Volunteers contribute $200 billion to the Australian economy annually.

2.  Volunteering produces health benefits such a happiness, health and longevity.

3.  The rate of...